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Insights from neuroscience, non-dual mindfulness, and psychedelics to upgrade your awareness. For gigs or just to chat, get me at

Consciousness, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Psychedelics.


My 5 Best Stories:

What I Write About

Spotlighting mental chatter and mindful effort through a neuroscientific lens.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The First (Important) Thing

Subject-based awareness could alight the darkness of isolated suffering.

Image by 3402744 from Pixabay
  • 17% of people self-harm in their lifetimes.
  • The average age for the first self-harm incident is 13.
  • 45% of self-harmers use cutting as their method of self-injury.

Thank you for the reminder, Papou

Woman smiling in a green house
Woman smiling in a green house
Photo by Hao Pan on Unsplash

How to use neural plasticity to reach into the depths.

Image by LIMAT MD ARIF from Pixabay

Learn from reality TV not to be the slave of your feelings.

Josh Granovsky

Jordan Peterson on the foundations of romance, lighting the void, and slaying dragons.


The Headless Way, transcendent awareness, and reprieve from corporate stress.


On Having No Head

How to communicate such that people understand and respect you.

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

Why meditate for 10 minutes a day when you could be doing anything else?

Tara Brach

Then, I inverted. I aimed the spotlight at itself, directing awareness to the place from which I felt aware. In other words, I aimed at the aimer.

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