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Thomas Skirde from Pixabay

While he was experimentally tripping on Mescalin, Aldous Huxley’s observer asked him how he experienced time at that moment. Huxley had only this to say:

“There’s plenty of it.”

Huxley’s impression mirrors my own conclusions from psychedelic trips. When you’re in the state of awareness brought on by ingesting magic…

Neel Shakilov from Pixabay

Despite the fact that, on average, we burn fewer calories each day than 100 years ago, the science, methods, and effectiveness of physical exercise have drastically improved in that time.

We now understand the conclusive link between exercise and health. According to the WHO, regular exercise prevents chronic disease, reduces…

Eric Perlin from Pixabay

I bet you didn’t expect this disclaimer in this piece:


For the last month or so, my roommate and I — both of whom generally disparaged reality TV — started watching Love Island. At his boyfriend's suggestion, we went with season 3…

Michael Papas

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