What I Write About

Our minds are all we have. They’re the filter through which we receive our reality. The thread of the cosmic fabric we’ll inhabit until the day we don’t.

It’s integral to a good life that our minds are pleasant places to be. Mental clarity shapes life quality.

But the fitness of our minds isn’t determined by chance. It’s made by our actions. We change the tone of mental life through what we do.

Drawing on insights from mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychedelics, I’m searching for those best practices. I’m on a quest to discover the “there” there, right under the surface of our chattering minds and buried complexes.

If you join me on this journey, we’ll see small glimpses of higher awareness, of a mind as it should be. We’ll seek to transcend the self and open to the serenity, joy, and clarity of open awareness.

Come with me.

To Contact Me

Alongside blogging, I also do freelance work. For inquiries in that regard, or simply to get in touch, you can email me at michaelpwriting@gmail.com.

Insights from neuroscience, non-dual mindfulness, and psychedelics to upgrade your awareness. For gigs or just to chat, get me at michaelpwriting@gmail.com.

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